Thursday, May 2, 2013


Readers of some of the other blogs associated with my profile have noticed a term of opprobrium used not infrequently to appell a repulsive and typically Californian type of pustule.
Others have wondered at the venom with which I regard the type.
They have failed to understand the association.

It is for their benefit that I post the definition below.

Berkeleyite: a clench-jawed intolerant ideologue, in whose priggish presence all thought and creativity become nearly impossible. Most Berkeleyites are so utterly convinced of their own rightness and worth that their mere presence guarantees a lack of anything and everything good in the universe. Vegans, anti-Semites and Israel-haters, pot activists, puritans, and the frigidly uber-bourgeois. All in all quite horrid, quite ignorant, and quite terrifyingly narrow-minded. But the epitome of politically correct smarm. Often, but not always, products of a once top notch but now mediocre educational institution centred there. Berkeley is Tehran with wasps.
Berkeleyites are the ring-leaders and trend-setters of darkness. The term 'Berkelyite' on this blog stands in for all that is repellent.

Berkeley, you will readily understand, is the most pretentious and self-satisfied place on the planet. It is home to Humpty Dumpty as well as Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

I used to live in Berkeley. It was a more rational place at the time. Since then it has become worse. Far worse.
I no longer set foot in the place if I can help it.

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