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Eulogy for Ami Isseroff written by his brother Hadar and read aloud by his son at the levaya:

Obituary, quoting largely from someone else's kind words about Ami:

Snoopy the Goon's rememberance (from which the kind words mentioned above were quoted):

Ami Isseroff was one of the few writers whose passion and eloquence precisely matched his meaning. Frequently he would bring reason and common-sense back into the discourse, making his points rationally and without inflammatory verbosity.
As such, on too many comment-strings and mailinglists to mention, he kept the discussion on track, and prevented it from degenerating into a free-for-all of accusations and "you're-anothers" so common when people with convictions voice deeply-held opinions.

My first discussion with him was on a local list.
I didn't know who he was at the time, or where he lived. Had, in fact, no clue what I was dealing with.
A statement of mine raised his ire and he sharply called me to task.
I wasn't pleased at the reprimand and resolved never to discuss anything with him ever again. Subsequent reactions and missives on that list, however, convinced me that those people with whom I initially had agreed were tightly wedged between stark-raving batshit and utter idiocy, and that in fact Ami was the only intelligent person in that conversation. The only sane one too.
He made his points with brevity, and with scant regard for the emotional investment of others in their own rhetoric.
A remarkable talent, which reflected a remarkable mind.

For the next few years we were often a tag-team on that list. And frequently corresponded outside the channel, in order to keep the morons which must infest any acivist coterie from sabotaging the work or hijacking the discourse.

Other than that he was one of most remarkable minds I have ever encountered, I do not know much about the man.
College level scholar. Zionist. Computer geek.
Political thinker. Historian. Rationalist.
A liberal with very solid foundations.
Husband, father, brother.
Renaissance man.

Intellectually stimulating, with few if any equals.

Damn I'm going to miss him.

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