Friday, May 6, 2011


The following are clips from various Hong Kong movies, selected nearly entirely at random. If YOU can discover a common theme, or even a logical sequence, please let me know.
I simply spent an afternoon rediscovering the period when there were still movie theatres in Chinatown.

Theme song for Chinese Ghost Story - various scenes from the movie - with Leslie Cheung (張國榮)

古惑仔 - 陳浩南
Kinda pointless and lecturesome scene from a movie about a substitute teacher and juvenile delinquents. But it has some splendid foul language.

我叫你做食屎狗~食屎狗 監獄風雲
Scene from Prison on Fire in which Chou Yun Fat(周潤發) calls the sadistic guard 'sek si kau'.

Fat ex-pretty boy, now a truck driver, gets lecture from a leng-tsai. Later there's a scene where a bride is carrying her groom on her back.

Scene where Chou Yun Fat kills several Hokkien speaking gangsters and their leader 小馬哥 in Taiwan, from the movie A Better Tomorrow.

Part near end of God of Gamblers. Chou Yun Fat proves that he wears a tuxedo very well. Confrontation.

The end of the movie. The bad guy lost all bets.

Chou Yun Fat picks up Jennifer (played by 鍾楚紅) at the airport, then frightens the crap out of her with his car and his driving.

From the mid eighties till around 1988, the Great Star theatre on Jackson street held the franchise for the Golden Harvest films, then lost it to the Pagoda Palace, which showed them for at least the next three years. By 1995 all theatres in C'town were closed.

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