Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Anja Meulenbelt and her ilk are not the only anti-Semitic cretins in the Netherlands
Surely you remember Mrs. Gretta Duisenberg?

Let me refresh your ire by quoting that woman.

Gretta, talking about the abduction of the soldiers:
"Ik keur die ontvoeringen goed. Dit is hun (Hezbollah) enige manier om gevangenen vrij te krijgen. Wat me razend maakt is dat Nederland nu geen troepen wil sturen omdat ze bang zijn een jood te raken."
[Translation: 'I approve of the abductions, this is the only way to get prisoners released. What infuriates me is that the Netherlands doesn't want to send troops now because they're scared of hitting a Jew'.]

Gretta, talking about Hamas notable Osama Hamdan:
"Wat een vriendelijke man, hè? Je hoort gewoon dat hij meent wat hij zegt. Israeli’s daarentegen liegen altijd. Dat zie je aan die koppen. Schoften zijn het."
[Translation: 'What a friendly man, eh? You can just hear that he means what he says. Israelis, on the other hand, always lie. You can tell that from their heads - they're scum. ']

Lest you think that it is only neurotic swamp-trull gorgons getting their soiled knickers in a twist or spewing slime, here's ex-ambassador Jan Wijenberg talking about the recent conflict:
"...Israel is een terreurstaat en dit is het bewijs".
[Translation: 'Israel is a terrorist state, and this is proof'.]

That's a diplomat? Sheesh!

Both Mrs. Duisenberg and ambassador Wijenberg are leaders in the PPMS, a Dutch pro-Palestinian organization.



There's a picture of human rights activist and Jew-hater Gretta Duisenberg together with Dutch Hamas leader Amin Abou Rashed and the Dutch ambassador in Cairo last year here:,1

The caption reads:
Amin Abou Rashed (rechts) zat vorig jaar in Cairo aan tafel met Gretta Duisenberg en de Nederlandse ambassadeur.
Foto: Floris Scheplitz

[Amin Abou Rashed (right) around the table with with Gretta Duisenberg and the Dutch Ambassador in Cairo last year.]

Looks cozy, doesn't it?

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