Tuesday, April 15, 2008


The spam-detection robots over at Blogger/Google have temporarily locked down my other blog because they believe that it is a spam-blog. Untill they unlock it, I cannot post there.

This is quite odd.
I have, to the best of my recollection, NEVER posted about spam. No offense to spam, as it is undoubtedly a very fine product which has brought incredible happiness to among others Hawaiians and residents of Daly City - thanks to its juicy spam-a-liciousness thousands lead bright sunny lives - but it isn't exactly my favourite animal product.

Spam relates to meat, by the way, the same way naugahyde does to skin.
Or tofu to spackle.

Anyway, the robots are looking for me. To test my meatiness. Good thing they never heard of soylent green.

I'll hide out here till they give up and unlock my blog.

Stupid robots.


Spiros said...

Think of this as your dacha, your homey little house in the country...

Lemuel said...

We are wandering Jews, aren't we! So we'll follow you. Cheere up, man.